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  • Concealable Body Armor Body Armor - Brand-name bullet-proof vests and accessories at discounted prices.
  • Cutting Edge Products Complete line of security products and electronic gadgets available to businesses and individuals at wholesale prices
  • E.A.R., Inc./Insta-Mold - Hearing protection for the sporting/recereational market Customized electronic and non-electronic hearing protection systems developed for shooters, hunters, instructors and other noise related industries.
  • Gunlocker The ultimate instant access handgun storage system. Safe, secure, and 100% reliable.
  • Lock and Loader Gun Lock and Tool Gun Locking Device, also used as a bushing removal tool as well as aids in loading bullets into your magazine or clip. Works on Colt, Beretta, Glock, Ruger handguns and more!
  • Modern Weapons Modern weapons information; general characteristics, parts list, assembly/disassembly, sight adjustment and more., E-Mail:
  • Personal Arms Stun Guns Pepper Spray etc.- High tech anti-crime products at wholesale prices. Buy direct form Personal
  • Securall Safes High quality gun safes carry a superior fire rating of 1700 degrees/1hour from Omega Laboratories. Get factory direct prices. Rotating turret on select models.
  • Smart Lock Technology, Inc. Manufacturer of Magloc, a ring-activated gun lock. Once Magloc is installed, the gun can only be fired by wearing a special magnetic ring with no time delay.
  • Trigger Locks - Child Safety "PROGRAMABLE COMBINATION TRIGGER LOCKS" for all firearms with a fixed trigger gaurd.Dealer inquires\Distrubtors are welcome. The standard finish is MATTE BLACK on all locks.Please visit WWW.SAFEWAYINNOVATIONS.COM for additional info.Universal Design allows fit on all HANDGUNS,RIFLES & SHOTGUNS.All locks are made from alloy.(ORDER INFO.)PLEASE VISIT MY WEB SITE AT WWW.SAFEWAYINNOVATIONS.COM THANK YOU!MIKE NORCIA PRESIDENT
  • UDAP Pepper Power Bear Spray Self Defense and Bear Deterrent pepper sprays and spray holsters designed by a grizzly attack survivor. Quick access and potent stopping power. This site includes "Bear Safety Tips" and "Street Safety Tips".
  • Versa Mount Security Box Versa Mount Secuity Box - This inovative security box protects your handguns and other valuables. Mounts anywhere,auto,home,office,boat,RV,under bed. Easy access in an emergency yet safe from unwanted hands. Come see why Versa Mount is must for your concealment needs.
  • Weaponlock Dont let anybody use your weapon without your knowledge
  • target shooting gloves We are company manufacturing target shooting gloves. We are manufacturing for top quality brands i-e Anschutz, Akah, Genmann etc. Please contact us for more details, E-Mail:

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