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  • ASSC's Official Guide to the 104th Congress This 220 page guide lists all congressmen, their committee assignments, phone & fax numbers, and names of all legislative aids responsible for firearms and firearms related issues. ASSC, 10 Perimeter Way, Suite B-250, Atlanta, GA 30339.
  • Atty. Ralph D. Sherman Firearms law and general practice. The personal attention of a small law firm. Chairman, Firearms Law Committee, Connecticut Bar Association. NRA Life Member.
  • Firearm Facts page A personal page designed to help defend our rights by providing supporting information and links to other sources. Updated regularly with more info.
  • Firearms & Liberty Firearms and Liberty contains one of the largest formatted documents on firearms and liberty issues on the net.
  • Firearms Coalition, The Publisher of the Hard Corps Report -- a bimonthly news letter (also see the Neal Knox Report column in The Shotgun News). Box 6537, Silver Springs, MD 29606, Legislative Report: (900) 225-3006.
  • GunCite Comprehensive presentation of gun control and Second Amendment issues; analysis of firearms statistics, reasearch and gun control policies
  • GunsSaveLives GunsSaveLives is the organization dedicated to the unquestionable right to bear firearms at all times, in self-defense. The most fundamental human right is the right to life. Guns save lives.
  • Lawyers Second Amendment Society, The Publisher of The Liberty Pole, a forum for the open and frank discussion of 2nd Amendment related issues. 18034 Ventura Blvd. #329, Encino, CA 91316, Voice: (818) 734-3066.
  • Mark's User Contributing Concealed Carry Database Concealed Carry Database for CCW news, tracking and cross referencing the state's data on CCW Licenses, and contact information for the offices that issue CCW licenses.
  • NRA's Winning Team Info regarding NRA politics, elections, bios of candidates, additional features.
  • NRA-ILA Volunteer Form Sign-up as an NRA-ILA Volunteer right from your browser!
  • Ohioans For Concealed Carry Petitioning for legislative reform of concealed carry laws in Ohio.
  • Peaceable Texans for Firearms Rights We are a grassroots politically active group that did not exist 2 years ago. As a result of the recent onslaught to destroy the right to keep and bear arms, people came together to hold a rally at the Texas State Capitol on President's Day, 1994, just days before Brady went into effect, and we have been active ever since.
  • Pistol Licenses, Gun Permits, Pistol Permits A professional, personalized service for those interested in Home/Business Protection; Concealed Carry; Target Shooting/Hunting and Armed guard employment.
  • Righter, The The Righter is a writer, activist, lobbyist dedicated to civil liberties and particularly the SECOND AMENDMENT. Large collection of links and graphics.
  • SaveOurGuns Pro-Gun shirts with a message that all Americans must see and remember.
  • Second Amendment Foundation The Second Amendment Foundation welcomes you to its Internet server. This server contains valuable information regarding the Second Amendment including current and proposed legislation, books regarding the second amendment, and hundreds of articles.
  • Sportsmen's Committee for Political Education Dedicated to preservation of the Second Amendment and educating gun owners on the importance of being politcally active.
  • The Anti HCI Website! The Anti-HCI website is designed to counter all of the Anti-Gun rhetoric currently preached by HCI, VPC and other anti-gun groups. Links, News, factheets and More
  • The Firing Line -- Firearm Forum Forums to explore the pleasures, rights and resposibilities of gun ownership.
  • The Shooting Show The Shooting Show. Here you can get gun safety videos and gun news. Broadcast from Louisiana in RealVideo. The Shooting Show is the #1 gun tv show.
  • Usenet Newsgroup: info.firearms.politics Political firearms discussions ( (Moderated).
  • Usenet Newsgroup: talk.politics.guns
  • Vladimir's Right to Self-Defense Page RKBA & Gun-control politics, original articles/letters, recommended books and links

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