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Our goal is to make this the best and easiest to use index for firearms information on the Internet. To achieve this end, we will publish your listing for free without any strings. Your free listing will appear alphabetically as a listing, and can take full advantage of keyword searches. We invite you to take advantage of this free service, and we wish you much success with your venture.

When making out your free listing, we suggest that you think about what keywords would work best for searches and use them in your description. Your description is limited to 25 words. Make your description readable, as we will not allow a list of keywords as a description. Your description should make good grammatical sense, and tell people about your product and/or service. We reserve the right to decide which listings to publish, how they are categorized, and to edit their descriptions.

Featured Listings

We offer featured listings for a low monthly charge. Featured listings appear alphabetically at the top of their category, giving them more exposure. To inquire about Featured Listings, please send an e-mail to:

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We also offer Banner Ads at the top of our category pages. Banner Ads give you high visibility at a reasonable price and can substantially increase your web-site traffic. To inquire about Banner Ads, please send an e-mail to:

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