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  • (X) Ring Pro (X) Ring Pro is a complete reloaders program that stores all reloading data and calculates trajectory, energy, time of flight and other parameters. (X) Ring Pro includes: a ballistic coefficient calculator that calculates mathematical bullet coefficients based on your inputs, a Ballistic Load Comparator - This utility can be used to compare two loads at the same time, a Brass Reloading Log.
  • APCS ShotShell Box Blue Book Price Guide on CDROM The definitive price guide for collectible shotshell boxes that runs on your Pentium computer. Instant prices and pictures. Also, manages your own personal collection and generates catalogs for you in HTML or Plain Text so you can mail your collection list to prospective buyers.
  • ARMS Software ARMS Software - software for the IBM and Macintosh, featuring FFL Management, ballistics and reloading data. Software for the Gun Enthusiast and Gun Dealer.
  • Arms Resource Management Systems (ESI) Developed by Executive Systems Integrators, in Florida, ARMS is a Retail Point of Sale, BATF Bound Book Tracking, Inventory Management system. Developed for the Firearms industry (Retailers, Wholesalers, Manufacturers) the software runs in Windows 95/98/NT, Y2K Ready and NICS compliant.
  • Ballistic Basics Ballistic Basics is a complete reloader's program that stores reloading data, calculates trajectory, energy, time of flight, and other parameters. A graphing function is available...
  • Ballistics 101 Ballistics 101 is a comprehensive program for the shooter and reloader. It provides information and performs comples calculations, displaying results in graphs and tables.
  • Ballistics software for the modern Hunter/Shooter. Shoot! is a unique ballistics program that utilizes a scaled target image to show bullet impact and other ballistic data for quick and easy interpretation. Meeting the needs of the modern day hunter/shooter.
  • CartWin Identification of cartridges by caliber, who made it, what is it. All in a visual, multi lingual database. For police, forensic laboratories, and cartridge collectors
  • - The Web's Premiere Firearms Auction Site An online gun auction where users may buy and sell guns, gun accessories, air guns, and archery. Free - no fees to buy or sell! Our extensive FFL Holder Network assists with the legal transfer of firearms. We also offer message boards, want ads, and an escrow service. Manufacturers/Dealers - We have a special program for you. For details, , E-Mail:
  • GunTracker The only inventory control software program with the Blue Book of Gun Values built right into the program. Enables collectors the ability to track their collection and appraise it as well.
  • Gunsmiths Parts Drawings for Windows 95/98 Hundreds of Computer Cad Gun Part drawings. Can be viewed or printed. For the practicing Gunsmith.
  • HKG Reliable Software HKG Reliable Software produces windows software products for hunters, shooters, and outdoorsmen. Please visit our home page.
  • Heavy Metal Software Co. The Complete Gun Inventory Clerk, The Gun Inventory Clerk, and The Reload Inventory Clerk. Who knows what we will release next?
  • HobbyTrack Gun Software Personal and business programs for the Hobbyist, Competitive Shooter, Reloader, Hunter,Gunsmith, Gun Show Vendor, Match Director, and Law Enforcement Firearms Officer. See our new Ammunition Selection Guide.
  • JBM Ballistics Advanced Ballistics Software for the Shooting Sports.
  • Keystone Firearms & Ballistics Manufacturer of the Keystone Enhanced Ballistics System, a software system dedicated to producing precision ammunition and to predicting its interior and exterior performance.
  • Load From A Disk For Windows Load From A Disk is ballistics software for the serious shooter covering both internal and external ballistic calculations for optimum rifle shooting. It's an excellent tool for marksmen and reloaders. A free demo is available for download.
  • MEPlus Muzzle energy software
  • Pinsoft - Ultimate ballistics software. Shoot! is a unique ballistics program that utilizes a scaled target image to show bullet impact and other ballistic data for quick and easy interpretation. Over 2000 copies sold in Australia!
  • Recreational Software, Inc. Database, Analytical & Ballistic software for competitive shooters, hunters & reloaders. Support and sales of RSI's Gun Controller program and ARMS' Software. Macintosh and MS-DOS/Windows demos, FAQ's, FTP, etc.
  • ShotShell Box Price Guide on CD-ROM A robust price guide on CD-ROM including pictures, pricing and a personal collection manager.
  • Silhouette Ballistics Version 9.0 Silhouette Ballistics is a window based interior and exterior ballistic program designed for the competitive shooter (Silhouette, Palma, National Match, and Tactical)
  • Test your PC for Y2K Compliance - FREE! To receive your FREE Y2K compliancy test download and learn more about our Y2K solution, click at the bottom of this page. Whether you are a casual home user or a serious business person, you'll find that Y2K PC Upgrade can take care of the Year 2000 bug for you - saving you time and money in the process!

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